Tell us What’s Your App?

Hello writers! Are you passionate about iPhone/iPad/Android applications?  Do you want some really cool apps for free of cost for your testing purpose? WhatsmyApp is looking for writers who play with mobile apps and willing to write their true thought on them!

If you are more enthusiastic on writing about any Apple or Android news, no problem you are welcome! The topic is your choice and what we expect is your best writing skills. If you are someone who wants to write for news articles, you have full freedom to post your news at any time!

For app reviewers, you are most welcome to review any apps that should be at least with a minimum quality.  Hope you are aware of the number of apps on the App Store/Market, so your duty is not to review all, but don’t leave a good app at any cost! Once you are fit with our requirements, we will create a separate writer account in WordPress for you.  We will keep all the app requests in a queue, which is accessible by all our writers. You can pick any apps from it and proceed directly! No need of any kind of approval, the choice is yours! If you get any app requests from developers or marketers without our knowledge, just let us know about it and we will add it to the queue assigning you as the reviewer.

So what are you waiting for?

So what are you waiting for? If you sounds good to our needs send us an email at editor [at] whatsmyapp [dot] com with the following details,

Email Subject: Writer for WhatsmyApp

Your Name:

Your Email:



Your Location:

Devices you own:

Previous Experience (If Yes):

Your brief introduction:

Send us the details, we will get back to you at the earliest. Happy Writing!