Top 5 Apps To Kick Start A Healthier Lifestyle

It’s not always very easy to keep your weight down, especially if you love to cook with cream and cheese (or grease) and you’re not really very fond of going to the gym. There are a number of reasons why people pile on the pounds, from not being motivated to go for a run on a chilly December morning, to not actually realizing how fattening their favorite foods can be.

These days, our smartphones play a key role in our day-to-day activities. For the majority of people these devices are just a pocket away. So why not include them in our efforts to live a healthier life as well?

If you’ve decided to kick-start a healthier lifestyle then you will be pleased to hear that there are lots of apps to help weight conscious people monitor their diet, nutrition and fitness. Let’s check out five of the best.

MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

(iPhone / iPad / Android / BlackBerry / Windows Phone)

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Some people think that they have a balanced diet, but don’t really understand nutrition properly. Luckily for you, this free (yes, free!) app from is perfect for keeping tabs on exactly what you eat and discovering what exactly is in your food.

With MyFitnessPal You can quickly find calorie and nutritional information for a whole range of foods which are then entered into your very own food diary. This food journal allows you to see how many calories you’ve eaten which will help you monitor your diet.

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iTunes Store / Android / Blackberry / Windows Phone

Abs Diet Smoothie Selector

(iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch )

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This one is for those who wish to have (or keep their) abs. Smoothie Selector, developed for MensHealth Magazine, has 100 recipes, all of which or clearly organized into categories such as weight loss and body building.

So whether you want a healthy fruity smoothie for weight loss or your want an energizing shake before you hit the gym, this app has something for you. If you’re feeling creative then why not select the  “create your own” feature and build a smoothie from scratch, which you can even submit to the editors for consideration.

Download here:

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Restaurant Nutrition

(iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch / Android )

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For those of us with busy social lives and love to meet friends for dinner at our favorite restaurants! Thanks to this handy app you can easily monitor what you’re eating by finding out the nutritional information of many restaurant dishes.

The Restaurant Nutrition app shows you the amount of calories, protein, fat and carbohydrates contained within a dish. It’s the perfect way to keep on top of your diet and still manage to enjoy a lovely meal out. Plus, if there’s a certain restaurant you want to go to, simply tap the map button which will quickly show you the nearest venue.

Download here:

iTunes Store / Android

Good Food Healthy Recipes

(iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch)

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If you are a keen cook who loves making everything from cakes and bakes to stews and sweets then this healthy recipes app is ideal if you’re watching your figure.

This app is packed full of healthy recipes – and we aren’t talking about limp lettuce lunches or watery fruit salads – we are talking about chocolate puddings for just over 200 calories and caramelized pineapple with cinnamon yoghurt. You won’t even realise you’re watching your weight with these tasty recipes.

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iTunes Store

Noom Cardio Trainer


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If you would much rather eat what you like and keep in tip-top shape by exercising a lot, then you can monitor how many calories you’ve burnt during a workout with Calorie Trainer.

Simply input your weight, the exercise type, your time and intensity and the app will cleverly calculate how much energy you’ve burnt. You can even turn on your GPS and let the app track your jogging route, present it on a map and display your time, pace, distance and calorie burn. If you want to show off how fit you are, then there is even an in-built Twitter and Facebook feature which allows you to directly post your results online.

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