Now Facebook is a nightmare for iOS users!

iPhone is the smartest and appealing among the gadgets out there! Many agree and many don’t, but for me it is one of the best gadgets I have ever used till date. This news is pretty embarrassing for many iPhone users.  Facebook, one of the popular social media platform in the world can be found in most of the iPhone’s and iPad’s nowadays.

Facebook for iOS

The analysis says, approximately 91% of iOS users are installed Facebook app in their device. The worrying part now is, if you are facing major issues with your iPhone battery life – one of the probable reasons for it is the Facebook app!

The app takes almost 15% of your overall battery juice during a normal usage. The app takes more battery usage at the background even if you are not actively using it, which cannot be controlled as like many Android users.  I believe there is nothing to worry more in this – as Facebook is apparently planning a solution for this and a new version update for iOS users is on the cards!

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