Learning a New Language: There’s an App for That

Learning a New Language: There’s an App for That

Learning a foreign language can be challenging, especially if you have to become conversational in a language in a short period of time. Thanks to the evolution of mobile computing devices, there are now apps that anyone can use to get familiar with a new language, even when they are on the go. If your company is sending you to a country far away, or if you just need to learn a foreign language quickly, then you can rest assured that there is an app for that.

Immerse Yourself Into TOTALe Companion

TOTALe COmpanion for Android

Many people are familiar with the Rosetta Stone learning apps because of the company’s television commercials. But it is the way in which these tablet apps help you to learn a new language that makes them so popular. To help you become fluid in the conversational version of a language, these apps will piece together your vocabulary by having you read stories and associate pictures with words. Visual learning is a great way to become comfortable with a foreign language quickly, and the TOTALe Companion app gives the visual tools a student would need to be able to process the language faster.

Learn the Basics with Learn Spanish!

Learn Spanish is a very basic language learning app that is extremely effective. Obviously, it is only designed to teach you Spanish, but it utilizes visual cues and sound association to help you to identify and pronounce words properly. It is actually based on the idea of presenting flash cards with Spanish words on them and then helping you to pronounce those words with audio clips. The app then starts to slowly help you form sentences and become conversational quicker than you would have imagined.

Blast Away in French In Space

French in Space is as fun as it sounds. The concept behind this app is to turn learning French into a game. You can tell that this app was designed for adults because the basic structure is that of an old 1980’s arcade video game. It operates just like a video game in that you move up to new levels as you clear the level you are on. The difference is that you are also learning conversational French in the meantime.

German Travel Pro Helps You When Abroad

German Travel pro review

The hardest part about learning German is that there tends to be a lot of different dialects that can make learning a common version of the language difficult. This app helps that process by giving the student several different dialects to choose from and then teaching the student how to pronounce certain words and phrases. It is an app that was created through the combined efforts of native speaking Germans in several parts of the country. If you need to learn conversational German, then this would be one of the more effective ways to do it.

You can spend several pounds on language classes, but then you would have to try and figure out how to fit them into your schedule. When you use the right language apps for your mobile computing device, then you can take your time and become comfortable with a foreign language at your own pace.

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