iPad 2 Tops the Tablet War

Analysis from Consumer Reports reveals Apple iPad 2 is leading the tablet war world overcoming a great competition from other tablets which started rolling out recent days. The ful reports are available in the Consumer Report website.

iPad 2 vs Other tablets

Consumer Reports tested tablets from Archos, Dell, Motorola, Samsung, and ViewSonic, as well as several models from Apple. Each tablet was evaluated on 17 criteria, including touch-screen responsiveness, versatility, portability, screen glare, and ease of use, and testers found several models that outperformed the rest. The Apple iPad 2 with Wi-Fi plus 3G (32G), $730, topped the Ratings, scoring Excellent in nearly every category.  The first-generation iPad, $580, also outscored many of the other models tested but tied with the Motorola Xoom, $800.

The main competitions for the Apple product are the Motorola Xoom that comes pretty handy with the Android 3.0 Honeycomb, but lacks the support because of its high price tag.

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