iOS 4.3.2 to Resolve Verizon iPad 2 Connectivity and FaceTime Issues?

BGR had its hands on the upcoming version of iOS, iOS 4.3.2. According to their source from Apple iOS 4.3.2 will be live within the next week or so with the answers to the recent problems on the Verizon iPad 2 connectivity and FaceTime issues.

iOS 4.3.2 update

One of our Apple sources has just let us know that Apple’s iOS 4.3.2, due within the next week or so, will fix the issues we’ve been hearing about with some Verizon iPad 2 models. Additionally, the new update is said to contain a fix for FaceTime in addition to security fixes for things like WebKit vulnerabilities and other minor changes. We’ve loaded up iOS 4.3.2 on our iPhone, and we’ll let you know if we notice any other changes.

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