Google Officially Announces Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich”

Today Google officially announced the latest Android OS system, the Ice Cream Sandwich, which is the Android version 4.0. The new operating system is all set to support both the tablets and smartphones with lots of interesting features.

Sources says the newbie Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the device that might take the taste of Ice Cream Sandwich very first. Android 4.0 includes some incredible features like most users were looking at. It includes the much wanted screen capture so users won’t a rooted mobile or any apps to do that. Another features comes across the animation part and the notifications are washed out.

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Other major features includes the “Android Beam” technology, which shares your screen on a Galaxy Nexus with a single touch to other device! There are lots of changes made around the photos and videos part as well.

“People” app is another innovation that strives all the contacts of a person right in front of the app with real time updates in the Social media as well.

The updated music player makes users to notify with the controls to play music without leaving from any other apps. Also there are changes in the keyboard, which is more accurate. It seems it may take a while to put hands on the new OS and we will make sure to update with the detailed contents near future!


You can watch out the Android 4.0 platform highlights from the user/developer view here

Update 2:

Here you go with the Ice Cream Sandwich unveiling video on a Samsung Galaxy Nexus!

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