Feature Battle Heats up between Android and iOS

Anroid vs IOSAnalysts are of the view that the ongoing feature battle between Google and Apple will heat up even further after the world’s largest search engine Google will launch its Honeycomb.

Both the companies are going neck to neck in this war. After Apple announced that it will be launching the latest in-app utility model, Google was seen to have a similar reaction. It has also been in the news that Google might be launching its music service that would give competition to Apple’s iTunes. On the other hand, Apple is trying to work on a similar product like Google Buzz for the cell phones. This product will most likely be called revamped Mobile Me.

The biggest thing that can actually differentiate between the two platforms, namely Apple and Google is the mobile hardware. The two phones that are currently on sale by Apple and that run on the hardware that is called iOS are iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS. On the other hand, when we talk about the mobile hardware that has been developed Google and is called Android, there are 40 cell phones that are available is the US market and that run on this software. Where Apple sells iPod Touch and the iPad, Google is not behind with Samsung Galaxy Tb and Dell Streak 7.

The other thing that people are interested in is the number of goodies that both the companies have to offer. Talking about Google’s Android, there are many voice command options for sending SMS text messages, making phone calls and sending email messages. Apart from this, with Android phones you can also perform tasks like opening apps and web browsing with voice command. On the other hand, the only tasks that you can perform with voice command on phones that are operated on iOS are voice activated dialing and music playback, which is not very beneficial.

Now let’s take a look at some of the other features of both Android and iOS to make a fair comparison between the two developers and their mobile software. Video chat can be made using both Android and iOS phones, with 3G technology and Wi-Fi both. As for the browser, you can bookmark a page or website with both Android and iOS. Moreover, you can get the Reading list with both Android and iOS as well.

Another app or feature that is being used by cell phone users very frequently lately is Maps. Turn by turn directions can be provided to you by both iOS and android; you can obtain a 3D aerial view by both the software as well as the street view.

Photo streaming can also be done using both iOS and Android cell phones.

Most of the features are offered by both Android and iOS. It cannot be determined that which software is better than the other, as it is just an ever going debate. As soon as one of the developers announces the launch of a new cell phone or a new scheme, within a day or two, the other also makes an announcement of the same plan. Now let’s wait and see what is to come from Android as well as iOS.

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