English-Spanish Unabridged Dictionary iPhone App Review

Translating apps are always something that most useful for users who travels all around and I did experience some nice apps from the app store recent days. So are you Spanish or an English speaking who needs assistance in Spanish? Here is the right app for you.

English-Spanish Unabridged Dictionary app review

It’s amazing that I got answers for almost my whole queries here. Yes, the app features a very big collection of words so you can find the most. The user interface is pretty easy to use where the first tap brings the words alphabetically. You can find appropriate translations, synonyms, definitions, antonyms and quotes for the searched word. I found an interesting feature just like an interlinking of words, where I can just tap to the other words within the result I have obtained.

Search icon on top enables you to search a particular word according to your need. Apart from that there is a scan option which allows users to get the related contents to a particular query, which is a good one. There are both the Spanish and US flags on the main screen so tapping on them can easily shift the translations. You can do a voice search as well.

There are options to check out the recently used words, you can add a word to the favorite section, and the settings allow you to perfectly manage the available options according to your needs. You can change the words on a shake too πŸ™‚

spanish-english translator for iPhone

If you are connected to an internet connection you can see images that relate the words you searched. My experience over this app was much satisfying and the bilingual translation might be very useful if you are a person who needs the kind of translations I have spotted.

English-Spanish Unabridged Dictionary is available on the app store for $19.99

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