Creating iPhone apps that people can’t resist: 7 Secrets Unveiled!

With the number of iPhone app designers and developers the world over, there are thousands upon thousands of apps available on the iTunes. However, only a few make it as big as Instagram or the Angry Birds. So what are the key tips to develop stunning iPhone apps that people just can’t resist? Let’s find out!

iPhone apps development

Work from Bottom to top

The first and foremost thing about creating any mobile application is to understand the importance of the device and its capabilities. You can make a photo application first and then check if the blessed phone has a camera in the first place! This is why it is important to first delineate all the features and specifications of the device, and then to go ahead with what the application can do.

Intuitive apps

Ensure that whatever your app is, it is satisfying to the user. The app has to be intuitive if you want it to be a success. Unless the app “appeals” to the “common sense”, it will not be liked by the masses. Clear some space in your mind and then envisage how you want the app to look and feel like. Once you do that, check if you would like to use it yourself. If not, there’s a problem. Go ahead rectify it and then repeat the process until you get the kind of experience you are looking for.

Clear and concise

Okay, let’s face it. People are not interested in the glorious company history or even the instructions for that matter. In fact, anything that says text is repelling for the customers. People would much rather “know” what to do with the app rather than being told. This is why you must ensure that your app makes sense and doesn’t have too much literature within itself.

Best Policy-Simplicity

It’s time to head to your old school morals. Simplicity is the best policy. A neat and simple app appeals much more to the people than an app that is overcrowded and loud. A simple app not only exudes confidence but is much easier for the user to follow.


Do not miss out the purpose of the app while trying to beautify it. Sometimes, developers and business owners are too involved in making the app look beautiful and stylish, and in the chaos of prettiness, the function is left far behind. Also, mobile applications are some things that people don’t want to multipurpose with. Keep one fixed agenda that the app caters to and ensure that the app is doing a good job at it.


I am quite sure I am not the first person saying this, but once again, please be creative. The world does not need another photo editing app. Give them something that will truly help the people or solve some particular need. Make an app as creative as can be. The human mind is fickle and will easily forget things unless repeatedly reminded and given something that can excite his senses.  Remember that when you create iPhone apps you have the upper hand in dealing with how you wish to present your company. Leverage the situation to the most.

Make it Viral

It’s really nice that you hope that your app will become majorly popular, but it isn’t all that easy. Any experience iPhone app maker will tell you that creating an app is one story, but ensuring that people get it is a whole different tale all together. A good iPhone app creator does not stop at creating a stunning app.  He takes it one step further by marketing it such that the maximum possible population gets to see and access it. Encourage social media and social networking features in your app to ensure that users to can contribute to its spread.

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