Android Market Desktop Version Now With Different Looks and Features

The major drawbacks I feel on the Android market comparing to the Apple’s app store was the desktop version. Now onwards it’s no more! The new desktop version of the Google Android market is live with Perfection!

Google rolled out lots of changes to their web version of the Android market with some amazing features too! Google already told about the upcoming changes in the Android market yesterday on their press event for Honeycomb but a rapid change was unexpected.

Android webstore update

The new version of Android market displays all the top free apps, paid apps, featured and the best selling games. There is a category based navigation is well to browse the apps. You can search for any Android apps here and more importantly each app page describes it in detail which was not in the previous version. So by clicking an app it displays the description, user reviews, whats new, permissions the app is going to have and lot!

Users can rate the app and write a review right from their desktop as well. All these just looks like the App store tactics except the below.

Here comes the astonishing feature from Google where you can sync your apps from the desktop without any wires! It’s really something really innovative from Google where a user can just download an app from the desktop and whenever the Android device gets connected to a network just opening the Android market automatically syncs the app downloaded from the desktop market. Looks pretty interesting right?

Google android webstore

Obviously these changes and the announcement of Honeycomb made Android to peak in news. So here is the million dollar question, What’s Apple planning right now? Of course their Verizon iPhone 4 now making buzzes, iPad 2 already in the hot lists. Of course we can see lots of happening this year in the mobile market! Wait & see!

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