Android and iOS Sweeps 34% in US Video Game Sales

A report from Flurry reveals that Android and iOS shares a 34% in the US video game sales in 2011. The previous stats were only 8% in 2010 which shows the smartphone surges in the gaming platforms too. In fact playing on big screens will be more interesting, but the smartphones makes their show now a days in the mobile gaming.

Console software revenues grew by 5% from 2009 to 2010 — 71% to 75% respectively — with portable gaming systems (e.g. Sony PSP, Nintendo DS) revenue falling nearly 8% in during the same period. Combined, Android and iOS accounted for 34% of all U.S. portable gaming software revenues — behind the Nintendo DS with 57% and ahead of Sony’s PSP with just 9%.

“Over 2011, we expect to see continued and significant smart-device game growth fueled by the recent launch of iPad 2, iPhone coming into distribution on Verizon, the expected release of iPhone 5, a relentless expansion of Android devices by leading OEMs across all major U.S. carriers, and Google’s enablement of in-app purchase billing, a proven key driver in iOS game revenue,” reads Flurry’s report.

These stats indicates the bright future for the smartphone gaming and for sure we can expect more surges in future!


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