Analysis Says Many iPhone Apps Reveals Your Private Data

Looks interesting?? According to a report from the Wall Street Journal many of your iPhone apps shares information without your knowledge!

WSJ went through top 101 iPhone and Android apps in which 56 shared the UDID to companies that are not the developer nor publisher. 47 sent the location without permission and some shoots age, name etc. Interesting thing here is iPhone apps transmitted more data than the android!

Some of the big guns are, Pandora which shares the age, location and UDID to various networks. Textplus with sharing UDID to 8 ad companies, and age, gender information to 2 more. Gaming app Pumpkin Maker shares live locations without asking the users to ad networks!

Even these apps are violating the Apple’s terms and conditions, they stays live in the stores! These informations are used by the companies for their targeted advertisement campaigns. And if it is a free app it’s for the data farming may be the reason to generate revenue. So, this is the part where Apple and Google needs to be more focused.

Courtesy: Gigaom

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