Most Wanted Sunday

Most Wanted Sunday [Feb 17-23] – Up To The Sky App Review

It is our pleasure to announce a new way for developers to get their app reviewed! Yes, WhatsmyApp’s “Most Wanted Sunday” – a weekly poll allows developers to vote for their apps and the app with more number of votes gets reviewed on every Sunday!up to the sky

This week’s most wanted app is Up To The Sky, a jumping game developed by TriKatz. I have played a lot of games like this kind, but Up To The Sky is something very nice for me to kill most of my boring time. Of course, initial play was a bit tougher, but I was in control after repeated playing.

The game opens up with necessary demo about the game controls. Once you are done with the controls, you have to control the bubble to hover, achieve special points through an endless game field. You have to be careful on the wind speed and direction, which can make the bubbles fall out of the clouds. There are special jumps and boost ups somewhere in the clouds that helps you to reach the more heights easier.

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– Ready for iPhone5 retina display
– Endless playfield in all directions
– Dynamic playfield: clouds are moving when the wind raises
– Tilt or touch control
– Submit score to Facebook and Twitter
– Multiplayer versus mode: beat your friends!
– Multiplayer cooperative mode: reach as high as you can – without moving apart too far from your mate!
– Achievements
– Leaderboards (also for multiplayer)
– Gameplay is recorded. Resulting video can be uploaded to Kamcord server and/or to YouTube and link to this video can be posted on Facebook, tweeted or sent by email.

Up To The Sky is available on the App Store for just $0.99

Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.8/5]

download the app from app store

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