Most Wanted Sunday

Most Wanted Sunday [APR 07 – APR 13] – CarSO – Car Service Organizer


CarSODear Readers, today we are going to review a useful app for car owners! CarSO is the winner of our MWS for the last week and here is our quick round up on what it is about.

This app is perfect assistant if you are a proud owner of your dream car. The app prompts to enter your card details at the initial launch and all the rest is done by CarSO like a personal assistant for your car!

CarSO has a decent UI where you can enter the current mileage of your car and the app reminds you about the next service, oil change or anything that you may be missed in busy schedules. You can even set the insurance time so that app automatically reminds your next insurance renewal date.

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You can check out all the history used with the app, which reduces the confusions and you can plan your next services accordingly. CarSO is available on the App Store for just $0.99!

download the app from app store

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