Most Wanted Sunday

Crownit Makes the best in Cashbacks!

Welcome back to the Most Wanted Sunday review! Today, we have got a unique cashback app from India – Crownit for Android! The app is an all-in-all hub where you can pay your bills online, get the best deals out there in the start hotels, restaurants, shopping portals, hotels and many more things! Going to India and searching for Gurgaon restaurants? Never think twice downloading this app.

You can search for the 17,500+ outlets in over 7 Indian cities through this app. For every bills payment, you will get a crown which can be redeemed later for future online shopping. The app also got a referral scheme which is a great way you can share this cool app with your friends and family by enjoying added crowns when they started using it!

Don’t look out anywhere for your next hotel or movie booking. For example, if you are looking for restaurants in Gurgaon, just explore inside Crownit and there you go! Earn your crowns and redeem it on the to get a smart deal. The app requires a Facebook sign up and then a mobile OTP verification, which may be on the downside for atleast some users.

Download Crownit here.

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