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Zombie Blaster! iPhone app review

Zombie Blaster universal appI’ve never really been excited by any zombie games before – Dead Trigger was good, but it wasn’t addictive, it didn’t make me panic… and then I tried Zombie Blaster!  Big Ideas for Apps and Bonozo have done a brilliant job with their latest mobile game for iOS and Android – the colors, the vibrancy, the gameplay and even the different settings are amazing.

On first opening of the app, you are taken through a Prologue level – introducing you into the apocalyptic world. This is nice because you don’t feel too rushed with the oncoming wave of zombies so that you can concentrate on learning the straightforward controls and gameplay strategies. As I say, I was never really intrigued by any zombie games because they are never gripping or everchanging like Zombie Blaster is. After you have finished the prologue, you can choose to continue into the first level/wave. Tap an area, such as the Farm to begin with and towards you will come separate waves of zombies. The first I managed to handle with my 20-shot airsoft gun – it was really fun. To shoot the zombies, you simply have to tap them; and although this may sound easy… it’s not. The Airsoft gun was extremely inaccurate, I knew I had to get the zombie heads if I wanted to upgrade to a revolver or such.

The graphics are really nicely portrayed, the darkness adds a nice element of surprise and the zombies are actually extremely well detailed. I was overly impressed about just how well the graphics and physics work together. I shot and they flew backwards – it was truly an immersible experience.

As a stand point, it’s a very one-sided game. You cannot move but instead the zombies move towards you. I actually quite like this as going back to my earlier point, games such as Dead Trigger wouldn’t make me panic as I could always run away – however, with standing-still games, it’s more panic ridden; you feel more desperation to shoot more accurately, to improve strategy and finally: to upgrade your weapon.

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The settings are extremely customizable, with the ability to change music and SFX levels, vibration (enabled/disabled whilst using an iPhone), the light choice (flashlight/directional), fog (on or off) and more. From the home screen of the game, I can visit the Big Ideas’ Twitter and Facebook pages, go directly into the Store (to buy guns and heads), view global stats, edit options and finally play the game.

Overall, Zombie Blaster! is extremely addictive, it’s a true combination of zombies and fun without being too complicated that it loses it’s ‘scare-factor’. Even a grown man like me became panic ridden whenever a zombie got too close. By far my favorite area to play in was the Stadium – the huge waves (I couldn’t battle 50 zombies with my poor accuracy) and the fun characters make Zombie Blaster the great game that it is. Zombie Blaster is truly what mobile gaming was designed for, and my only complaint is ‘I wish it had more areas to play!’.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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