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youBonobo iPhone app review – How many times you ‘did it’?

Written content below is for the people aged above 18! Apple has removed overrated sexual content apps from the App Store years before. There were a lot of stuffs that comes under this category where Apple just reminded developers to minimize the content and express it a decent way for people.

youBonobo is such an adult rated app on the App Store. But nothing to worry about it; this app doesn’t even contains a sexy picture inside it! So what’s this app all about? This is a very simple app that can store your counts every time you do sex. Funny right ? J

youbonobo for iPhone

Yes, this app has a worldwide statistics from its users who clicks on ‘I did it!’ once they have done with sex. You have to register an account with the app at start. Once done you can login with your nick name and password and all you have to do is tap on the ‘I did it!’ button whenever you had sex with your partner.

The app shows the ranked users in the integrated Google maps as blue and pink stars. You can tap on any star to get the details on the particular user. There is a performance chart for every user with a neat graphical representation of how many times they ‘did it’. It also shows the worldwide ranking, particular ranking on the city where the user belongs to, by male, by female, etc. There is a country rank as well, which depends on how many users are ranking top from your country!

youbonobo app review

You can view your ranking from the ‘Ranking’ tab, which is separated by male, female, 7 days and countries. You can also set your country from top right to filter the ranking chart. Sharing the app is very easy through various social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, My Space, etc.

There is nothing interesting on this app apart from this funny thing ‘I did it!’. If there is a way to chat with other users from the map or from the ranking chart, this app may be little more thrilling indeed! If you are someone who is more interested in sexual activities combined with some fun, youBonobo can be your pick.

youBonobo is available for free from the App Store.

Our Review: [starreview tpl=16][2.5/5]

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