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Word Sounds App Review

Having trouble figuring out pronunciations of different Englsih words? Well, worry not. Add beauty to this beautiful language by mastering word pronunciations with Word Sounds.

Word Sounds is a universal app that assists people with improving their pronunciation skills and it does a good job of it. It’s that simple.

Whether you are a native speaker of the English language or a non-native, this app will show you how to pronounce words perfectly with sound guides et al for practices.

The idea behind the app is pretty simple and it fulfills it: Learn to pronounce English words the right way using your iPhone / iPad. Self tutor and practice to perfect it.

Coming to the specifics of the app, the UI is pretty simple and easy to use, so that gets high marks and kudos to the developer for having it built that way.

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The interactive sound codes for alphabets and vowels will help you practice all day long along with the graphics on how to twist and turn your tongue to pronounce words with ease.

The best part about the app is in my opinion is teaches beginners learning the language, be it kids in school or non native speakers learn the language the right way from scratch. It helps lay the basic foundation of your pronunciation skills and that will help in a good way in the long run.

So what about experienced pros you may ask? The answer lies within the question; if you listen other people speak and pronounce words differently compared to yourself often, you know you need to fix something. Guess, Guess, Guess.

The developer has stuck with what he preaches, there are no fluffs to distract and take you away from your main goal and this is a good thing as you see many language based apps combine a host of different elements and complicate stuff.

For 99 cents, the app is worth giving a try and will help you learn pronunciations; there is no doubt about that. Go get it if you want to hone your English skills.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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