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Word File iPhone App Review – Learn a New Word Daily

There are lots of apps in the app store for vocabulary and Word File is just one among them without any complexity. This is just a quick review on Word File, because there is not much to explore the app.

The app categorized under education is a simple one that shows one word every day you open it. So the first tap itself shows the new word with a detailed description of its meaning. The words I have tested is quite quality one’s as of now.

word file review

That’s all in the app, once you found your words it will be documented and you can see it. All the words are documented here every day so day by day your file should be filling up. That is a nice concept I think, but expected something to share like Twitter and Facebook, which is a pull back. You can also see the number of words you studied.

Word File is a kind of simple application that would be better useful for students to learn their vocabulary easily. The app is available in the app store for $0.99.

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