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Woozzle iPhone App Review – You Cannot Leave Away From This Puzzle Game

As my title implicates staying away from Woozzle once you have started playing is little tough. Woozzle developed by Mugeaters is just a simple, but well made gaming app that can surely kill your time. There are some apps that satisfy in all categories where it may be the game play, design, background music etc., Woozzle reached my level of expectations without any fail on all these.

woozzle iPhone app

What you people thinks if you play a puzzle game? Of course my point is the game play and how much interesting it is! Woozzle is such a nice game to go ahead with cool and interesting game play. The game bundles totally 60 levels in it, which is quite simple at the initial stages and gets tough on the deeper levels.

The game comes with a handy backdrop resembles live jungle effect with some nice sounds. On selecting a level you need to track the rolling ball on the wooden pipe to the given trays. A tray consists of four holes so you need to fill all to wind up. Once you have done with the given trays you are up to the next level. You can rotate the tray by tapping on it and you need to slide the ball to the right direction if you need to pass it to the other tray. Points are given according to the time you have taken to complete the level. You may feel the initial levels pretty easy to play with as I did, but playing it more and more is really challenging.

On playing the deeper levels you can find lots of added features in the game play that makes this game more interesting. The balls will get different colors so you need to track them to the corresponding colored tray. There will be path diverting blocks, color changing effects and much more. The greenish design and the jungle effects is an added positive things on this app. I have not yet finished the game yet, but for sure I am going to finish it off this weekendJ. The game is Game Center supported so you can play it online with your friends where the timing to finish the levels play the vital role.

woozzle for iPhone

There is an option to edit the levels, which is not live now, but you can expect it from the upcoming updates. Woozzle is available on the app store for just $0.99 and I am sure this is much lesser for such a cool game!

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