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What is This App? 2 iPhone app review – Go for it if you want to bang your head!

Some apps will definitely make you dig your brain while playing with it. There are lots of puzzles available on the App Store, which can drill through your brain. Even some strategic games and mystery stories can test your thinking capabilities.

Developed by BeBop games, What is This App is definitely a unique one from the App Store, but fails big with the frustrating in-app purchase. A single download won’t tell you what is this app all about and you will be prompted for in-app purchase for the hint guide! That is somewhat horrible for any user to go for a paid download without knowing what is going to happen next. Anyhow it seems there is only one in-app purchase for the entire tips.

what is this app for iPhone

The idea is unique and innovative, but it clearly exposes that money matters. I would be happy if the developers has provided with some hints initially as free to make the user a rare idea about what is this app and then go for the in-app purchase. The initial launch of this app shows a tree structure without any buttons or ways to proceed. I did some drag and drop over there, which guided me to the next screen with a single bubble. Double tap on it and that will take you to rainy glass screen with some scrambled words.

what is this app review

I am sure you can’t move anywhere from here if you won’t go for an in-app purchase. You can download the hinds for just $0.99 from the help option, which prompts you to buy the guide or not. This app has two modes, a standard mode for single player and an experimental mode for multiuser experience.

If you are someone who wants to explore something unique, this app may fit you as a right choice. What is This App is available on the App Store for free (definitely not!). If you want to make your brain work a bit more, go for this app with an in-app purchase.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.5/5]

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