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Voypi iPhone App Review – No More Bucks for Calls and Messages

I am an iPhone user who makes lots of calls and text messages to my friends every day. Of course, I am spending a lot for the mobile networks and changing my plans to get the maximum advantages on it. But when I found this app it was a real surprise for me that it allows all these things for free of cost!

Voypi app review

Voypi is such a brilliant application, which provides a bundle of great features all for free. Obviously you may think there will be in-app purchases or ads inside the app. If so that’s wrong. Voypi is completely ad free and you don’t want to spend a single buck from your purse!

Yes, with Voypi you can call and text your friends anywhere in the world for free. Fact is you can call or text to the friends only who are using this app. This may be a negative part indeed, but with Voypi you can easily send an invitation to your friends to use the app. Interesting right? Just select the contact from your iPhone contacts list and send the invitation directly without any hassles.

On launching Voypi you are asked to save your country and mobile number. That’s it! There is no logins, registrations, etc you are straight into the app. You can easily call your Voypi friends from there. There are options to see the recent activities as well. Main advantage of this app is your iPhone contacts are synced automatically into it. Contacts differentiate your friends with Voypi installed pretty decently. You can easily send the other ones an invitation to use this app from here itself.

Voypi for iPhone

Call quality and messaging screen is clear and nicely designed. You are always in need to connect to a Wi-Fi or 3G to use this app. So if you are not a 3G user and not in a Wi-Fi spot you have to give this application idle. Another thing you will be charged for the data rates when you use this.

Voypi is not only for iOS, but also available on the Android 2.2 devices now and in Blackberry near future. So there is no need of any worries if your friends using other mobiles. Overall Voypi is a must try on your mobile device and of course it can be a good competitor for other similar apps if they add more features and social networking inside.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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  1. I was using it on wifi and don’t seem to have run up any extra charges…in any case it works really well and is a great app.


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