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VoteMe iPhone app review – Compete for America’s first social president!

You can see a lot of apps for social networking on the App Store where most of them give you to utilize your social media profiles in a better way. Have you ever heard about a poll that can happen inside your iDevice? VoteMe for iPhone gives you, a real election feel right on your device on the go!

With VoteMe you can become America’s first social president! Are you wondering? VoteMe allows you to participate in a virtual voting system and find out how your innovative ideas are spreading out between other users.

voteme for iPhone

For the first time you have to login the app using your Facebook account. I don’t know why the developers used only Facebook login; there is no option for an independent registration, which may be tedious, but for users who don’t want to share their Facebook data with apps may love it. Once done you are logged into the headquarters!

In the headquarters you can watch the real election candidates and express your opinion from the list such as Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, etc. You are awarded with 20 points for a vote here and you can change your choice at any time. You can also watch out for the other candidates who are participating in this app. They are listed as USA Total, States and also you can track the candidates who are your friends.

The app is really brilliant and there are lots of people in it, which gives you, a real feel of polling. You can tap on anyone’s profile for further details on them. You can see how many points they have scored, what is their ratings and party size. You can follow them and invite them to join your party as well.

voteme review

There is an option to feed another participant’s updates, which is nice feature to get updated on what is happening at your opponent side. Getting to top on VoteMe is really a big task. You have to earn maximum points for your activities and increase your chances to win. You can earn points for every activity on VoteMe such as updating campaign status, adding campaign photos, adding new members to your party and inviting your friends to join VoteMe.

If you want some bulk points on your profile, you can go for the in-app purchases. Every activity you do on VoteMe is important to increase your points. You have to complete your profile clearly and do regular activities in the app. The winner will be announced on November 6, 2012.

Simply VoteMe is a unique attempt from the developers, which gives you an exciting feel of participating on elections. VoteMe is available on the App Store for free of cost!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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