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Vikersund Ski Flying iPhone app review – Feel the adventure of Ski-Flying

Skating and Ski-Flying games are some of the most popular adventurous games across the U.S. and various part of the world. These kinds of games give the real thrill and entertainment of adventurous sport. I know many of us won’t even try these games apart from watching the thrills. But, if you want the virtual feel of ski-flying, Vikersund Ski Flying is a beautiful game on your iPhone and iPad.

Vikersund Ski developed by Agens is a cool game of ski-flying. The game is situated in Vikersund, the national ski-flying arena in Norway, and the host for the 2012 Ski Flying Championships. This is the fourth time the tournament happens and the app is up on the App Store right in time.

vikersund ski flying for iPhone

There is not much difficulty on this game comparing with other skating games. But, this app gives a good feel and adventure of ski-flying. The controls are very simple with some taps on the screen makes the full gameplay. I personally feel, instead of the automatic skating, some accelerometer controls would be really interesting.

This game contains two modes, easy and normal. In the easy mode the game gets very basic and simple and in the normal mode some extra controls are applied over the gameplay. Once you are done with the mode, you have to choose the country for your player. You can just swipe through the country flags and tap on them to choose. You can play with a single player or choose maximum up to three players all in a single device.

Vikersund Ski Flying for iPad

You have to just tap on the screen to initiate the ride and tap again when you want to jump and land. You can see the wind direction on top of the screen, which gives a hint on how to jump and land perfectly to score more points. Each player can participate on two jumps in which the result has been calculated as a sum of the two attempts.

Results are displayed immediately after the jump both in the form of points and the length the player has reached. The scores are stored on a leaderboard where you can watch out for the local scores as well as global if you are connected to internet. On the whole the app is a good deal of playing and killing some time with the adventure of ski-flying.

Vikersund Ski Flying is available on the App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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