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VideoPuzzle iPhone App Review – Exciting and Unique Puzzle Game

“If you thought you’d seen it all, VideoPuzzle will amaze you.” This is what the description page of VideoPuzzle starts off and I am sure they totally deserve these lines there! I am very much excited on reviewing games especially if they are puzzles and when I have asked to test out this game there was no hesitations as in the first look itself VideoPuzzle impressed me.

VideoPuzzle is such a well-designed game where you can play it with even real time videos! Of course this is the same concept of arranging the scattered tiles on the screen to its right positions, but what makes the difference is its all on the Videos and even in live videos. So let me explore VideoPuzzle.

videopuzzle iPhone app

This app comes with a nice design overall and the background music on launching it is really good. You are given four modes of play like arcade mode, camera mode, photo album mode and finally the video album mode. You can choose your levels of play from the settings option or before you choose the modes. There are levels like beginner, easy, normal, hard and extreme. The differences in these levels are as much you go harder you will get greater number of tiles to arrange.

First I just want to explore the incredible thought of the developers on their Camera mode section. This is the most innovative game play where you can just play the game through your iPhone camera in real time! Yes, on selecting this mode you will be asked to choose either the front or rear cam which displays the camera streaming on the screen. That’s it, within seconds the streaming will be scattered into number of tiles according to your level of difficulty. You need to arrange them to the right spots and based on your time you will be awarded stars J

All the modes having five levels each and on selecting the arcade mode it allows you to play the default videos in the game. I found the initial levels are easy on playing it repeatedly. But when it comes to the increasing levels the game takes its momentum and takes more time to finish off. Of course I found the camera mode is more difficult among the others, but it was the most interesting too!

video puzzle game

Apart from these there is a photo album mode where you can select your photos in the device and play with them. Other one is the Video album mode which lets you to play with videos in the device. There seems to be more levels to launch on the upcoming versions too. So playing this game is more interesting and amusing overall.

VideoPuzzle is available on the app store for $0.99 and I am sure trying this game for such a less price is not going to make you lose.

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