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Vegas Sports iPhone App Review – A Real Gambler’s Companion

When I was asked to review Vegas Sports, I was thinking of an app that delivers the live scores and updates of game that happens around the city. But it was extremely different and something unique I have tried so far. Vegas Sports is an app that can assist a gambler throughout his plans.

vegas sports app review

I have never gambled for any sports events so far and this concept was little vague for me. Vegas Sports is a nice application that can assist a gambler perfectly to organize the sports events, while at the same time managing account activity at related sports books and banks. On launching the app, you can set up all the details a gambler needed to manage and effectively plan the events.

You have to set the date & time first and choose the part of the game you are gambling. You can choose full-time, first half or half time of the sport event as your gambling part. You have to enter the different participants one by one who are clashing on the game. You have to add the funds to your account initially before starting the bet.

Once done, you have to set the bet gambling details for the particular event. You can choose how much point to be spread out for each game, an account that has been added earlier to fix the gambling price. You have to enter the betting amount and the amount to win here. That’s it and you have your event ready to book. You can entirely make control over the details entered through the editing options given.

vegas sports for iphone

After the event, you can set your gambling as a win or loss and thereby by increase or decrease the dollars in your account. There is an option to see your gambling performance as well. You can refer how many in total you have won or lost, etc. Totally Vegas Sports is an app that can be something really helpful if you do gambling regularly and find it very difficult to manage them.

Vegas Sports is available on the app store for $2.99

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