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Valentine Wishes iPhone app review – Play the games and spread your love

February 14th! Yup, it’s nearing and App Store holds some brilliant romantic applications for you especially to cherish your partner. Valentine Wishes developed by Tenacious Tech is a cool game with a seasonal valentine theme overall.

Sending greeting cards on such a romantic moment would be the best you can do to your girl/boy friend. Valentine wishes allow users an easy and funny way of sending cards on this Valentine’s Day. You have to play some funny games in this app and unlock cards and send them straight away!

valentine wishes app review

This app will work well on both the iPhone and iPad and each has its own separate version of games. I have tested it on an iPhone 4S, which comes with four funny games, Shoot it, Catch it, Tap it and finally Stop it! Most of the games are simple and interesting to play, but Shoot it was the difficult among them for me.

The entire game featured the Valentine’s Day effect where the objects are made with little hearts. In Shoot it you have to target the floating hearts and shoot them to score points. Once you reached a particular score you can unlock the cards, which is added to the list available on the main screen. You can reload the arrows and you have three lives on each game.

Catch it is the simplest one from the app where you have to catch the hearts dropped by the angels. Another one is Tap it, which is the most interesting game. This game allows a couple to play the game at a time using a single device. You can play this game keeping your partner on the opposite side. Both of you can compete to see who can win the game by tapping colored blocks on the screen.

valentine wishes for iPhone

Stop it is similar game like Catch it, but you have to tap on the heart dropped by angels before they fall into the ground. These games are pretty simple indeed, but interesting to play and unlock new cards. You can watch out the all unlocked cards on the main screen and send them via Email to your dear ones with a single tap.

There is on option to view the card more closely, but it didn’t work for me. Also, there is an app crash on the mailing screen when I have decided to delete the draft. On the whole Valentine Wishes is a good app for this season to give your partner an ever-remembered, enticing Valentine’s Day! Valentine Wishes is a free app on Apple App Store. If you want to purchase all the cards without wasting time on playing games, you can go for an in-app purchase as well.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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