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U.S. Traveller iPhone App Review – A Perfect Trip Advisor

Are you planning any trip with your friends or family? Are you a busy business man/women who always travel worldwide? Please wait and have a look at the app U.S. Traveller from the app store before you start.

U.S. Traveller developed by GloboTrac is an awesome trip advisor on your iPhone or iPod Touch that assists you all the way on your trip. You can see the list of countries from the menu tab.  Choosing a country lets you to fetch the data related to the country, which includes the capital and population on top. You can watch out for two sections here, one is the county facts and the next is travel reports. I must say this app really shines here.

us traveler app review

On tapping the country facts the app fetches the overview of the country, information about the people living there, political data, economy and foreign relations. This would be a good deal when you are in a trip to that country. Even it shows the country map, but it’s just an image. If there is a Google maps integration for the app that would be really great!

Next comes the real advisor for a traveler. Once you choose the travel reports, you can find the official government reports from the particular country, which includes country description, embassy locations with contact information, traffic details, safety and security details and more. All are textual data, but you can check these if you are in the country and struggling to proceed.

us traveler for iPhone

You can check out the travel hazards on the selected country, which shows the certain embassy warnings to the guest people on what are the risks that can happen in the country. It includes the terrorist attacks that can happen, or any kind of crimes on the guests. I am not sure if the developers going to update those details as it happen. If it is no, then this part is not a worth having.  You can also watch out for the travel alerts as well.

My final verdict on this app is U.S Traveller is such a useful app for people who want to travel worldwide and it can fit your iPhone as a perfect trip advice for sure. U.S. Traveler is available on the app store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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