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Urban Rivals iPhone App Review – Well Made Game with Slight Complexity

What you can expect from an app for completely free of cost? There will not be much inside for most of the free version of the games from app store. If you want to enjoy the full game you may have to go for an in-app purchase or there will be a paid version to try the full pack. Urban Rivals is an exception for this, which comes for free on the app store as a multiplayer online game.

Urban Rivals app review

Urban Rivals is designed with colorful gaming characters all over the app and comes pretty handy with a perfect how to play option. I am sure you can’t play this game if you didn’t refer the tutorial. Be aware that the game needs a full-time internet connection. The game initially asks for setting up a free user account. Once you are done, you are ready to play with your opponents.

As I said earlier, there is a well made “how to” section, which you must have to go through. The gameplay is simple group fighting concept (online), but it’s all done with great work in terms of the graphics. You will be given with eight characters to fight with your opponents. You can see each one’s power, damages, abilities and bonuses from the card. Once launched, you have to challenge any opponents to fight with.

After you challenge is accepted, you have to select any of your characters to go ahead and clear the opponent. There are 12 pills for each fight. The main goal while fighting is, you have to protect those pills and reduce you’re the pills from your opponent side. On each level the characters will grow up.

Urban Rivals for iPhone

Of course Urban Rivals is a good strategic action game recent times on my iDevice, but it is complex too. I have walked into the tutorial on the very first time, but never understood what is happening inside? Apart from the good design, intuitive interface, great graphics, the game lacks the momentum in the gameplay. After seeing such a good introduction in the tutorial, the game gets simple in terms of fighting with the opponents.

Overall, without spending any bucks from your purse, Urban Rivals is a good one to get in your iDevice.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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