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Trip To Worlds iPhone app review – Don’t miss this app if you plan a trip

If you are one who travels a lot, you must be having some travel apps on your iPhone or tablet. There are many apps available on the App Store to assist a traveler that guides from the start to end giving the end user a smooth journey experience. Trip To Worlds is another addition to the list, which offers a wide range of features for a traveler.

Trip To Worlds is not the kind of app that assists you by giving all the POI on your way, but it locates your friends on the map and gives a clear touring experience if you are a regular tourist or someone who travels a lot for any purposes.  With this app you can mark all the locations you travelled with different colors.

trip to worlds review for iPhone

You can login to this app either via your Facebook account or as a guest user. I have signed in using the Facebook option, but once logged I was not able to re-log with any other FB accounts! But after login I was just surprised to see the result that displays a map showing all my Facebook friends spotted. However, the outputs were not much accurate, but I am satisfied with most of them.

This is good one for any tourist that allows them to see all of their Facebook friends location right in front of their eyes. You can tap on the map to see more details about your friends. One touch on the spot gives you the name and location. If you tap on the name again, you can see the screen with his/her profile picture along with the options to see the full profile on Safari. If you would like to invite your friend to this app you can simply do that with a tap.

trip to worlds review for iPhone

From the map you can simply share the picture of the current screen to your Facebook wall as well. There is a menu where you can watch out the summary of your friends location listed country vice. You can see a personal travel map in the menu, which shows the location you have visited with different colors. If you don’t add any trip information to the app, you can simply tap on the ‘Add Tour’ option to save it. Once done, you can see the place on your personal map shaded with the color you have selected along with the total distance travelled on this trip.

On the whole Trip To Worlds is such a brilliant idea that keeps any traveler engaged with this app. If you are someone who travels a lot, don’t miss to try Trip To Worlds!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.1/5]

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