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Tower Raiders 2 GOLD iPhone app review – Excellent strategic shooter game for iOS

Tower Raiders 2 for iOS developed by Gianormous Games, LLC is a well-packed action flick that gives you the best feel of strategic shooting games. If you have an Android device, you may be tried the famous top charting strategic action game “Robo Defense”. Tower Raiders 2 comes with the same gameplay, but with some more strategies to play with.

If you are looking for some high graphics gaming, this may not be your pick, rather if you are someone who gives importance to strategies in a game; this is the best in the race. To lead a better attack, all the weapons provided during the game must be placed with a clear idea by measuring the area they can attack.

tower raiders app review for iPhone

Your objective is to protect the given crystals from the enemies. The game has 24 unique levels in which you can get more raiders attacking in fast pace while proceeding. In the first 3 levels you can get the real time demo so it won’t be a big deal to pass them. I found it little hard from the 5th level itself where the raiders came near to the crystal heap faster through easier ways.

There is an entry point and exit point for the raiders to come in and take out the crystals out of the armed area. You are given with limited resources at the beginning and you can earn more by killing more raiders. You can simply swipe through the screen to see the entire map and tap on the weapon spots to activate various resources from your shield. On each level there are weapons available to make the game more thrilled. Weapons can be a mini gun, cannon, laser tower, cool ray, flames or a mortar. The list must be huge since I have unlocked just 5 levels from it.

tower raiders app review for iPad

If you get sufficient resources, you can upgrade your already placed tower or weapon that works with more power to destroy the enemies. You can see all the levels by taping the ‘campaign’ option in the main menu. If you are insufficient with the resources you can buy them through the in-app purchases available in the ‘rewards’ section. This game is Game Center enabled that allows you to play online with your friends. Just tap on the ‘trophies’ section to login to your Game Center account.

On the negative part, the developers can give some more importance to the graphics and polish it for a better appearance. Tower Raiders 2 GOLD is a brilliant strategic shooting game for your iOS without any doubts. I am sure you are going to play this for longer never minding your clock. This game is available for $4.99 from the App Store and you can try out a lite version as well.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4.4/5]

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