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Top 6 Smartphone Apps for Single Parents

So being an adult is tough, being a parent is tougher, and being a single parent just takes the cake. In between running a career and running a household there lies your biggest responsibility and most precious relation; your child. If you are a single parent, the responsibility obviously falls on you wholly. And that does not go to say parents aren’t up for it, but what it does say is that these folks need some external help. What are smartphones for right? Thank God there is an app for everything nowadays.

Instead of just flocking to some parental monitoring software or some other as the solution to all your problems or to play a part in your child’s life, you can now use an assortment of great apps to build healthier relationships with your offspring. How exactly can apps help? Take a look at these top 6 and depending whether you use iPhone or Android, decide for yourself.

1. ChoreBank. Since getting kids to do chores is a tough task, this app makes it into a game. In this app, kids can create virtual bank accounts along with the chores and responsibilities assigned to them. So the money they earn is tracked and accounted for, and so are expenses when kids use the app to purchase things. This app has a 5 star MOASD rating and only costs 2 bucks.

2. iCurfew. This app is to get a handle on your teenagers. You obviously can’t be tracking them all the time so this app allows you to receive their location via GPS through email. The location is unchangeable because it has been gained through cell phone tracking and hence your teens know you know, making honesty essential.

3. Bully Shield. When you are at work, your kids are most likely at school. You may think they are safe but bullying is just no joke and is more common than you would like to think. This app is good for single parents as it lets you build plans of action in case your child is bullied. So if you aren’t available, the app provides assistance.

4. White Noise/Lite. So you have a small child who can’t sleep at night and work in the morning. There is no sitter or anyone else around. In that case, you can use this app to play some soothing background sounds to help your child get to sleep. This app has a free version and comes with a 4 star rating from MOASD.

5. Parenting Ages & Stages. This app is where parents can go to find answers to whether they are doing something right or not. Being a single parent, it can be hard to know whether you’re giving your child a quality upbringing or not. Another free app with a 4 star rating too.


6. Emergency ICEThis is a comprehensive app which entails details of all contacts as well as your child’s vital stats. The major plus point of this app is that you can save a lot of contacts and pretty much all emergency medicinal dosage as well. Further you can setup contacts for everyone else in the family too.

 Emergency ICE

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