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Thierry Mugler-Angel iPhone App Review – A New Way of Advertisement

Now this is the time where smartphones and its applications rule the world with its compact and efficient way of delivering the user needs. Obviously you may see lots of ads in TV shows, radios, banners, etc. Can anyone imagine an iPhone app that mainly focuses a brand’s advertisement? Thierry Mugler is such an app made for this purpose with somewhat interesting concept as well.

Thierry Mugler app review

Thierry Mugler-Angel mainly focuses its brand advertisement of the Angel perfumes. But the developers have come out with a unique idea of creating your own dream with this app as Eva Mendes helps giving it a life. You can see what kind of personality you are from this app.

This app is well made in terms of its nice design. You can create your dream from this app selecting five stars in the angel constellation. You can create it by logging into your Facebook account or offline. Next screen gives you an impact of star signs like design, where you can choose your five stars. That’s it; you can see a video clip that matches your five stars selected. The developers have made some short clips of videos that combine repeatedly and run as a video clip that matches your dream.

BTW, my personal point is I like this concept to deliver the brand to its users, but as an application I have to reject this app after the very first time! You can find the stores nearby your location within this app. So obviously if you order the product from this app you are going to delete it straight away; in fact that’s the aim of this app J One more point is the videos gets boring after playing the app two or more time because all the videos are a mixture of some short clips that comes in various frames each time.

There are options “Discover the Angel Range” and “Points of Scale,” which should be the profit-point for the makers. For someone who likes Angel perfumes and for those who wish to create a virtual dream this app may fit them.

Thierry Mugler-Angel is available on the app store for FREE.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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