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The Marblez iPhone App Review

EmobiGames has come up with a new game for the iPhone and iPod Touch, the Marblez; which comes with a fun filled bejeweled kind of gameplay. It is a usual gameplay of arranging same color marbles to score points, as we can see many developers have this kind of game on the App Store.

The game is colorful and designed neatly that drives you to play it repeatedly. Marblez contains two levels of play, which are classic and action. Classic mode is simple to play and action mode counts the number of each colored marbles you have collected. Do not let the marbles fill the screen in Classic mode or the water bar drained in Action mode.

the marblez app review

Marblez stands out from the other games with this gameplay by the only possibility to swipe the marbelz using the center line. You can’t swipe a marble on your wish, but you have to do it from the shaded center line. For each move you can see the water bar on right of the screen goes high that indicates you are doing right moves and scoring points.

You can match 3 marbles or more to score higher. On the other side, marbles will be dropped from both sides that make your screen filled by them. Once there is no space to place a marble, that’s the end of the game. So you have to be quick enough to match them to get your level cleared. There is no online gaming and any leaderboards, but you can see your scores in an offline leaderboard.

the marblez for iPhone

Once you have filled the water bar that’s the end of a level and you can see the marbles falling faster on next levels. Personally I felt the app is a bit difficult one to play comparing with other kind of games with same gameplay. It is designed very nicely, but the gameplay is a bit repetitive. There is no way to share my scores via Twitter or Facebook and online gaming is badly missing.

With some sluggish features on the board and an old gameplay, this app is not the best pick if you are a game freak. But, if you like to play some simple games on the go to kill some time, you can give this app a try! The Marblez is available on the Apple App Store for $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.7/5]

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