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The Great Contest iPhone App Review

Do you want to check your luck? Are you one who participates on contests and sweepstakes? The Great Contest is the right one for your choice. This app is a collection of various contests with lots of real prizes!

the great contest for iPhone

Great Contest is free on the app store, but you have to pay a monthly subscription of 59p for full features. You can avail a single contest for free, but to gain the full list you must subscribe. You can avail great list of prizes from this app. Each contest consists of playing some interesting games. You have to register to enter the app and it’s a matter of few simple steps.

This really makes a fun experience with the app. Mae sure you play the most, which can help in turn to win the contest if you are the lucky winner. Here is the price list for this MAY/JUNE/JULY (from Description).

  • PS3 x 6
  • 42″ HDTV x 2
  • Jewellery x 3
  • 200 Cash x 2
  • 150 Cash x 3
  • Nintendo Wii Fit Package x 2
  • Xbox Kinect Package x 4
  • 300 Cash
  • 3DTV
  • Samsung 50″ HDTV x2
  • 250 Cash
  • 2 Night Stay Luxury Hotel Spa
  • 500 Cash
  • Nintendo Wii + Mario Kart Package
  • AR Drone
  • 130 Cash
  • Sony Bluray Home Cinema System

the great contest app

This list looks interesting right? Of course these are real gifts and you can check the developers Facebook page for the previous winners details. If you are not willing to subscribe, there is an offer wall to earn the TGC credits thereby get your one month subscription!

The Great Contest is available on the app store for free of cost.

download the great contest from app store

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