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The Exonerator iPhone App Review – Be Safe and Innocent with Exonerator

There are lots of apps in the app store using the GPS feature. Some of them provide some excellent features to the users even though they are pretty costly. Most of them offer the users a way to identify where they are in real-time, how they can reach a place by walk or car, etc. Here, shines the concept of Exonerator, which stores your location for future reference.

the exonerator review

So what’s the use of Exonerator? Do you want to show your wife that you are a proper husband? Just activate the app on your iPhone – that’s it! Exonerator keeps your location inside whenever the app is active. So show the places you went last day to your wife and prove you are innocent J This is one of the use of this app, but you can prefer this application for more other instances like if you have a suspecting boss, parents or your girlfriend.

Overall this app is a very basic one with only one screen showing the current location in the map. You can set the monitoring on/off from here. There is an option to set the date by which you can find out the approximate address you were on the selected date. A slider allows you to even select the time, which is really a cool option to have. So once you are set up with the date and time – you are ready to prove you are the perfect!

the exonerator for iPhone

From the settings you can set alerts for invalid location readings. Most of my try on this app was resulted decently and shown almost the exact place where I was. The Exonerator cost $2.99 from the app store seems a bit costly. But if you are one who try different concepts and if you want to be the most perfect try this app for sure!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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