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The Dream by Swipea iPhone App Review – A valuable dream for kids!

Today’s world has changed a lot in terms of the technology and the way people learn new things. This is not the same period where people stick to learn things through books and other physical learning materials. In this digital era, even school kids are stepped in to learn things digitally.

The Dream by Swipea is a cool educational as well as a gaming app for young children, which gives a character developing message through a nice story. This app brings the story about a poor, but hardworking man called Ahmad whose destiny changes due to a dream. Apart from the story the app has some cool educational mini games as well.

dream by swipea for iPhone

The story is simple and sweet that gives young kids a message and exposing them to the culture and traditions of Arabic world. The story may be simple, but it was well said throughout using some nice graphics and voice over. The voice and pronunciations were excellent giving the exact feel of being a part of the story.

The app has four sections to explore, which are ‘read to me’, ‘fact find’, ‘happy bazaar’ and ‘parents’. The story begins when you tap on ‘read to me’. ‘Fact find’ is an informative way reading the story again. You can just tap on the objects to gain more knowledge and history about them.

‘Happy Bazaar’ is the fun part of Dream by Swipea. This part has various funny games and other stuffs that can provide information about the Arabic traditions, their clothing, different kind of recipes, etc. For example, you can try out wearing some outfits to Ahmad, try making some recipes, get some travel information in and around Arabia, etc.

Some games prompt to rate the app on App Store or like the app’s Facebook page to unlock them.      The app doesn’t come with higher side graphics and thrill, but it has all the fun and importantly a good message through a nice story and message to your kids.

The full version of Dream by Swipea is available on the App Store for $2.99 and there is free version as well.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.9/5]

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