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The Daily Planet iPhone app review – Latest news on your fingertips

On this digital world none of them wants to miss the latest news happening around us. These days there are no more reading newspapers, listening to radio station where iPhone and iPad makes it all in front of them with simple taps. The Daily Planet is a simple news reader application that supports iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

There are some pretty high quality news reader apps on the App Store such as Flipboard, Pulse, etc. Daily Planet doesn’t make up to them, but comes with simple user interface and design overall. It looks good in most part, but misses the attractive design.

the daily planet universal app reveiw

Once you open the app, you can connect all the news feeds with a single tap or else you can customize them according to your wish. All the articles are placed on respective categories on the main screen. The number of articles on each category is shown on the right side. There are sub categories on each categories where you can read the respective news.

Once you select any article the app guides you straight away to the news on the website without leaving the app. Personally, I don’t like the way the articles displayed on the webpage. Instead, the developers can try out fetching the news and display it on a new style. You can easily share the news to Twitter, Facebook or via Email.

the daily planet review for iPhone

On each category you can customize the websites from where you want the news to be displayed. On the settings you can select your city, assign the refresh interval, check or uncheck the news feeds. As of now the app supports English language only. On the main screen there is an option to set the font size as well.

If you don’t mind news reading on a simple way, The Daily Planet is a go. This app is free download from the App Store and there are no hidden charges. Some more hard work on the design part may take this app to the next level for sure!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.7/5]

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