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System Status iPhone App Review – Great Tool to Dig Deeper into Your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

How about an app that can completely give all the details about your iPhone or iPod Touch? System Status is such a great application, provides a huge list of factors related to your device. You can explore a lot from this app such as from your booting time upto the internal settings, memory usage, disk space and a lot of things.

system status app

System Status provides you bunch of details on your device starting from the basic level like the battery status to the advanced details like kernel version, routing table details, etc. I am sure; with this app you can easily monitor aend optimize your device to the maximum extend. Let me explain in detail about System Status.

This app gives an overview of your device with the current battery status and its state (discharging or not). You can also see the estimated work time of your device so that you can manage your usage wisely. The good thing is you can analyze what is the estimated standby, total work time if you play audio, video, wi-fi, 3G, etc. Also, there is option to set alerts on charging your device. You can set them for once, every minute, etc. Just a slide through the battery health displays the estimated standby of your device, which is a decent feature.

system status for iPhone

Next part is your disk space. You can see the total disk space of your device, how much space is used and the free space. The statistics gives what are the files that take your disk space. I was just wondering why it doesn’t show the details on the apps I have installed on my device because those app takes most part of my disk! Next is the CPU usage. The app displays how much CPU is utilized by the system and the user. It also shows the idle time of your CPU.

There are more on the initial screen itself like your system uptime, which shows your boot time and the total uptime. Some detailed information like your device connections are also available. You can find the default gateway, routing table details, wi-fi information, etc.

System Status delivers the memory details of your device as well. You can see some extended details on your memory and how it is utilized. There are lots of details inside like memory usage, page In/Out statistics, Page lookup statistics and more. You can also see the processes in action inside your device including the runtime and their priority. Looks great right? It’s not over yet. Details section gives a detailed report on your system’s operating system version, build, kernel version device name, UDID (there are apps for just getting the UDID only J ) and lot more. You can simply mail these details too.

You can see in this review I have used lots of “etc, more”, which shows this app has more than enough features. For the price tag $2.99 this is a much recommended app from me.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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