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SUP! iPhone App Review – An Easy Way to Get Together

It is always making sense when an application that can combine our group of friends within it and share whatever through it. Of course, there are lots of apps in the app store where I have tried some great apps like WhatsApp, Pinch iMessenger, etc. SUP! is such a handy  social networking app, which can create an easy communication with your buddies.

First thing before I review this app, SUP! will be only useful if your friends have this app and they are active participants inside. Otherwise, I am sure you might get bored on what to do with it. The app opens up with a login screen. Creating an account is pretty simple and it won’t take much time. After the login, you can see the virtual calendar right on the top and an option to add a new event as well. I have to say about this calendar design as it is not the usual, but shows the date and separates all the sessions (morning, afternoon and evening) interestingly. Once you tap on it, you can set the particular event right there.

SUP! app review

Just an example, if you choose the option Sunday evening and choose the create event button; the app shows a list of events like dinner, movie, drinks and more. Once done, you can specify the details about the event. Another great thing is that you can easily send invites to your friends about the event you have created and share it via Facebook, email as well. By default the events are public and you can make it private if you wish.

If you have joined in an event that time is shown in the calendar with a glowing effect. You can simply tap there and see the event details. If you have a big gang of friends within this app, all of them are notified your event and they can easily join into it! There is a menu bar in the app where you can see the events you have created/joined, your friends list, and your profile. You will be notified for each and every happening on an event through the messages option.

SUP! for iPhone

On the weak points I have to say an enjoyable music on the backdrop would be a nice addition on this app. Importing the contacts from your iPhone contact list, Twitter and Facebook would be a great one, which is I am hoping on the next updates. This app seems to be very new and a better user base can make things really great. I would recommend this app for a sure try and I am sure your bucks won’t be in vain! SUP! is available on the app store for just $0.99

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16] [4.3/5]

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