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Stress Shifter Lite iPhone app review – Keep track of your stress!

Managing the stress is the most difficult task for many busy people as they don’t find any time to consider about it or try solving. Stress is not a regular kind of illness, but it needs to be identified and cured very early to avoid the dangerous damages to your body conditions.

Stress Shifter is an application for your iPhone or iPod Touch developed by Ki Systems. You may be spending a lot of your money to doctors and psychiatrists consulting the reasons behind your anger, tiredness and stress. Of course, this app is not a replacement for your doctor, but it can be very helpful to manage the stressful situation up to some levels.

stress shifter for iPhone

Stress Shifter advices you on each and every steps you need to focus on managing the stress. The app comes very handy with a detailed report on the cause of your stress and gives the results in a graphical format explaining the actions to be taken. The app is very simple in terms of the design and interface.

It begins with a textual demo of how the app works and gets into the questions directly. You have to choose the answers from the given choices or add it yourself. Once you started filling details, the app gathers further data to realize more about your stress conditions. Once done, you have to attend a test, which contains something around 30 questions.

stress shifter for iPhone review

The result is the detailed representation of your stress conditions in a graphical chart format based on approval and control ratings (the 2 axis). You can tap on the ‘analysis’ tab to get more detailed explanations on the result or get into the recovery tips. Pro version of this app provides the recovery tips and ideas, but you have no options to see this in the lite version.

You can take a new test from the menu or resume the half done test from the archives section. You can see your scorecard from the menu, which describes your conditions and some exercise advices as well. There is an option to share the report to anyone through email, which is something very useful if you want to share your conditions to a medical practitioner.

Stress Shifter is available on the App Store for $2.99!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.6/5]

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