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Stone Age iPhone app review – Go to your olden days with stone age

Stylish arcade games are always very interesting to play and kill your time. Recent times, vertical climbing sort of games are flowing pretty frequently on the App Store. Stone Age developed by De PANDRA comes with such a gameplay, but in a really interesting manner.

Stone Age only supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4/4S and iPad 2. So if you are an iPod Touch (any generation) or a first generation iPad user, this app is not for you! Stone Age is simply brilliant in its design and gameplay. Even though it is the vertical climber sort of game category, the app is still interesting to play with.

stone age for iphone

In Stone Age you are a leader of a tribe! You have to build your family and lead the village surviving all the enemies in the game. You can buy (!) wives and build huts and villages as you wish. You need to earn more meat to earn these things. So your first aim on the game is to collect as much as meat by beating the enemies all the way.

You have to earn maximum of food for everyone in your tribe. The vertical climber part is funny to play and of course it is enticing too. You have to hunt wild animals on the go to earn more food. Once you are sufficient with food, you can buy wives and huts to build a village.

stone age game for Iphone

Stone Age is exactly a mixture of different genre games. At some stages it gives you a Farm Ville feel while on some other parts it resembles games like Doodle Jump and Ninja. Main advantage of the game is its graphics, which is well designed with proper eye-catching colors.

The environment changes as the game progress such as you have to travel through magic forest, lava cave and snow mountains. You can avail foods and magic drums for in-app purchases if you are insufficient with them. Stone Age is featured with Apple Game Center that allows you to play online with your friends.

If you are someone who wish to take some interesting high quality graphical games, Stone Age can be your choice. It is a universal app available for free of cost from the App Store!

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][4/5]

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