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StickMe Notes Sticky Notes App Review

Whether it’s your personal errands, professional deadlines for next week, or your 3:00 AM startup ideas, a good note-taking app can put everything in order and help you get things done. There are quite a few of them available on the App Store. Both free and paid, and with features which can boost your productivity manifold. One app that almost does it all is StickMe Notes. Essentially a sticky notes app for your iPhone, StickMe Notes lets you keep your ideas and task lists in one place.

StickMe Notes is a subscription based notes app, available only on iOS. The app enjoys a user base of over 5 million users and has been featured by the App Store a couple of times. Apart from a 7-day free trial, StickMe Notes offers three subscription packs – annual, which costs $15.99, half-yearly which’ll set you back by $8.99, and monthly which is only for a $1.99.

As soon as you enter the app, there’s a quick but handy tutorial, post which you’re asked to pick a subscription pack. Once that’s done, your 7-day trial begins and you can start using StickMe Notes.

You can create text notes or you can doodle. The app also allows you to record audio or use images from your camera/gallery to create a note. All the different input methods, especially the audio recorder, are quite convenient when you’re trying to organize and get things done on the go.

The app lets you mark notes as important, set alarms and reminders, and sort your notes into separate folders. It’s pretty much a neat-freak’s paradise. One thing we categorically liked is the password protected secret folder. You can set your notes as the phone wallpaper too, if you’re the forgetful kind.

StickMe iOS app review

But, there’s more to the app than a bunch a cool features thrown together. StickMe Notes is well made. You’ll find clean lines, neat font, and pastel colors – basically all things minimal. You can customize your experience with the app by changing note colours, note board background, sizes of the notes, and folder colors. So the app really allows you to make it your own.

StickMe Notes is one of the better notes apps out there. You get text, handwritten, audio, and image notes. You get a refined design which is extremely user friendly. And you get it all at a price that won’t hurt your pocket. One thing we found missing was cloud syncing to access notes across different devices but a little birdie told us a major update is on its way. Add that you’ve got yourself an all-rounder of a notes app. We recommend getting your hands on it as soon as you can!

  • Design4.5
  • User Interface4.5
  • Concept4.0
  • Overall4.3

You will never miss anything important in your life!

4.3Overall Score

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