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SoulMate iPhone app review – Get a partner or be with your partner using SoulMate

Are you someone bored with missing your partners or not able to find someone who really suits you? No more worries, SoulMate for iPhone can help you! SoulMate is an application developed by Jinwoo Choi, which can give you a love ride on the go.

This is fun made chat application especially designed targeting couples and of course singles too! If you use this app with your couple, all the information you share is between you and your partner only. In fact, the app has some sections, which cannot be unlocked by users who are single.

soulmate for iPhone

This is not an entire replacement app if you are a fan of Kakaotalk or MocoSpace. But this has its own unique features and importantly a good interface for users. You need an internet connection to use this app. You have to register an account with them and fill out your profile completely to get into the main menu.

You can see the calling option, messaging and email staying stable at top of the menu. The main menu has a lot of other options, which are spread into two screens. If you want to search a partner, tap on the ‘FindSoul’ option, which connects the people around or nearby the same location. There is an integrated camera to take snaps right away from the app that is accessible within the app itself.

Some options such as LoveAlbum and Talk are only usable for the couples. There is a scheduler, which allows you to mark any important dates such a birthday or an anniversary. The app doesn’t limits, but has some more enticing games that can kill your time if you are a single or to make some fun time with your partner if you are using it as a couple.

soulmate for ipad

You can make notes without leaving the app and create a memo according to your needs that supports text, photos and even voice! The second screen is mostly dedicated to the developer’s other apps. There is a store available where you can find some in-app purchasing options such as pro version of the game, etc.

You can change the settings of the app such as setting up language, fonts, theme selection, background image, etc. As this app comes something personal to you, there are provisions to set up PIN number to block other users accessing it. SoulMate can be a good chatting app if there is a better way to connect with the people showing them right away on the screen as other apps do. It shines on the other part with some nice multitasking features.

You can download this app for free of cost from the App Store.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16][3.7/5]

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