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Smart Words Free iPhone App Review – Interesting Board Puzzle for iOS

Board games are always a fun to play on the smartphones, even they don’t have highly designed graphics; they are the perfect time killers. Most of these games come under the puzzle category, which digs your brain for the solution. Here is an app Smart Words Free; a perfectly designed board game that gives you extreme thrill!

This is a great social, interactive game that enables you to play with your friends online. Of course this app requires a network connection even for a single step. The very first tap takes you to login with your email or you can create a new account. I would highly recommend a quick look at the tutorial on the main screen. In fact, I was struggling to place a word exactly without checking this option.

smart words free app review

The main screen shows your moves as well as the opponent moves in two different buttons. You can create a new game from here, which displays an option to add your opponent. You can choose your opponent from your contact list, searching by a username, inviting via Twitter or Facebook, choosing a random opponent from the list of available online users. If you are not interested in playing the game with an opponent you can choose ‘pass and play’ option.

Smart Words Free is a game like SUDOKU, but comes little more engaged with online playing capability; which is really a great feature for this kind of game. On the playing screen you can see a huge board with tiles already filled by letters such as ‘DW, TW, DL, ?’. These are the tiles that can offer you better scoring if you place your letter on them. Your objective is to create smarter words from the given letters by arranging them wisely. Each letter carries a point, so you have to place the words wisely that gets more points. If you choose a high point character and makes a smart word it delivers you more points.

The gaming screen is designed perfect with all the options for a thrilling gaming experience. You can pass the turn if you wish, recall the letters placed if it doesn’t match, swap the default letters with a single tap. The points are shown bottom of your screen with a detailed description about your last move and points. You can see the remaining number of characters on the top and there is an option to resign the game as well. Make sure you combine a bigger word that gives you extra points (Tips to get extra points are clearly given in the tutorial part).

smart words free for iPhone

Important thing is the game can auto save every time you quit from the playing screen and you can watch out for the final step from the home screen. Every game you win/lose are counted and stored for your reference. There is an in-app purchase for the ad free version, which you can avail from the ‘account settings’. I found this game little weird on the initial attempts, but once I am familiar with the tricks; it was a real fun and thrill to play ahead. For free of cost this app is a much recommended one if you like puzzle games.  This game is featured with GameCenter and it is a universal app designed for both the iPhone and iPad. Give it a try and I am sure you will like it!

Our rating: [starreview tpl=16] [3.8/5]

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