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Selloby iPhone App Review – Selling and Buying Locally Goes Easier with Selloby

Do you want to sell or buy anything around your city? Looks for local eBay on your iPhone? Selloby is created keeping you in mind. With Selloby selling and buying is easier all around your local areas.

Selloby app

As the name implies (Selloby – Sell or Buy), the app is designed to see what are the things available online for selling and you can sell your own properties by adding them into the app. This app uses your geographical information to track down your local location thereby sorting the things all you needed on your device.

On running the application you can see a hot to tutorial, which makes a clear path. You need to create an account with Selloby in order to sell or buy properties available inside. It’s a matter of simple steps by giving your name and email id. You can also login with your Facebook or Twitter account.

On tapping the Browse option you can see what the available properties in Selloby. You can choose any of them by simply taping on it and it will show the exact details on the particular product. You can select the next/previous items from the up/down arrows. Also, you can see how many days the deal will be available for sale. If you are interested in buying a particular item, you can just reply to the seller. You can also add them to your favorite section, follow the tags (if you are selecting an iPhone, you can just follow the categories specified on hash tags. For instance, selecting #iPhone will give you all the deals with the particular hash tag.) You are also allowed to share all the deals via Twitter and Facebook.

Selloby for iPhone

Adding your own products into the selling list is pretty simple and interesting. Just tap on the top right button inside the feed window. You can see a text area to type your product description. Here, all is formatted with hash tags. So you don’t want to type anything. Instead you can just select the terms from the given hash tags. For instance if you are selling your iPhone, symbol (!) specifies the actions (sell, buy, or need, etc). Then, you can assign the object you are going to sell with the tag (#). You can select from the predefined objects or type your own. It continues as price ($), image from your album or directly from the camera), and finally adding a geotag location to your sale.

Selloby also allows you to search the objects with from categories. Overall this app for Free of cost offers more than what we expect! A nice app for online purchasing and selling.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

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