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Sand Slides iPhone App Review – Nice Puzzle with Unique Game Play

There are lots of games available on the app store, but some of them stands out with their unique game play. Sand Slides from Logik State is such a nice game with an excellent game play and simple interface.  Let me tell what the game is about and how it come in handy on playing more.

Sand Slides for iPhone

While playing the game it was really interesting and exciting to complete the levels. It seems to be easy playing it, but hard to master. The playing area contains three sand chutes and sand collectors. The objective of the game is to drive the different colored sands fallen from the sand chutes to the right sand collectors. The center part between the sand collectors and the sand chutes is the playing area.

You can see sands filling the sand chutes once you have started. It won’t come out in real-time, but once the pot gets filled you can see a time counter. Right after the counter expire sands will flow out. Here starts your job, draw lines on the playing area and drive the flowing sands to the right sand collector. Just an example, if the first sand chute fills with yellow sand you need to draw the line that exactly makes it to reach the yellow colored sand collector. You can notice the score keeps increasing below the collectors as you collect more.

There is a “GRAINS” tab on top of the screen, which keeps decreased as long as you drive the sand to wrong collectors. Make note it keeps decreasing even if you miss single sand too. Once the grains count reached zero that is end of the game. You can also pause the game on tapping the grains counter tab.

The maximum number of lines you can draw on the playing area is three and once you do another one the very first one gets disappeared. You can see the line blinking before it disappears. Collecting more than one coloured sand at the same time will multiply your score. There are levels of game you can choose from like practice, marathon, challenge, and brutal. This varies all in terms of the grain counts. Sand Slides is Game Center enabled so that you can share your achievements online.

Sand Slides app review

On the very less negative side, I recommend adding a back button in the game tutorial section. Something I found really disappointed is the average clarity on the screen while playing the game. It seems the game is not supporting the retina display. Apart from this, Sand Slides is really a nice entertainer on my phone to play for a long time.

Sand Slides is available on the app store for $1.99

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