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SalaryBook iPhone App Review – Track Your Time and Salary

Are you a freelancer or a professional who works hourly or daily basis? Here is the app right for you! SalaryBook from App Moments is a simple application that tracks your time and salary.

salarybook iPhone app

The app just simply calculates your inputs on the time and salary and outputs the overall report according to your needs. The first tap shows a message to set your time and salary information on the settings option. You can set up the work template here entering the hourly rate, working days and time. You can also enter if any unbillable time occurs.

Once you done with your template that’s almost done. There is also option to set the password for your work template. But be sure to keep it in mind if you create one otherwise the app won’t work. After all these, taping on the dashboard shows a counter on top with the overall salary upto date. You can also check for the current date, for the month and for the entire year. It also shows the days that you have worked so far.

There is a calendar available where you can mark if any changes in the particular day like reduction in working hours, over time etc., The note option available here make you to note the reasons for change etc.,

salarybook for iphone

Finally you can simply avail the reports too. Just set from and to date, set the time interval and select your reports for salary or worked time. It shows a graphical report of the entire data you have given. You can also export the reports from the app through mail. I liked the report especially in the mail with neatly aligned table which looks pretty decent.

SalaryBook is available in the app store $1.99 which I feel little much for the options available.

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  1. Hi,
    Just wanted to comment on your Salary Book app. I find it very useful since I work as a freelancer and charge different rates for different work and clients. That app is great for me, however one feature I think would be very beneficial is having some preset hourly rates. So as a user, I could input a few hourly rates, $20/hour, $26.50/hour, $32/hour, etc. and then instead of having to type in that rate, I could choose one of my predefined rates. It would make things a lot easier for those who charge different rates like myself. Thanks,


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