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Rule the Sky iPhone App Review

I do like playing Farm Ville, Farm Frenzy, Age of Mythology kind games. Even though the concept is very old, the game play is pretty much interesting over time. Rule the Sky is such an awesome game to build your own floating world called “Flotia”.

Rule the sky iPhone app

Rule the Sky is a well designed, colorful application that can make you sit for a long time if you started to play. In fact, I have never played this kind of game on my iPhone. Flotia is the floating island on the sky and you are the master to make your island a wonderful one. This app provides their own leaderboard “NEST”, where you can invite your friends to build your world.

This is a Social Networking game, allow people to interact each other, thereby creating an interesting plot all over the game. You are in need of an internet connection always to play this game. It asks you to sign up for a NEST account initially. Once done, you are all set to build your Flotia.

You will be given a floating island with house surrounded by empty greenish garden. Your task is to build many things from the shop available on taping the arrow button. You can find a farm, flower shop, different kind of trees, varieties of villas to upgrade, wagons, well and more! I didn’t expect such huge amount of availabilities inside the shop. It’s really interesting and fun to proceed with the game.

Rule the Sky for iPhone

There is an in-app purchase as well, which makes you spend real money to protect your Flotia, or properties from Flotia being stolen from other people. You can add more people to build the island by adding the NEST icon on bottom left. You will be guided all over the game for each step. So it’s a matter of nourishing your garden, seeding proper fruits, give them right fertilizers and make them grow for a better harvest.

There are interesting things on the game play like, making rains over the field by holding the clouds until it makes rain. I have just started paying it, and I am still lagging a lot on making a better Flotia of mine. There is not much to say on the negative part, but if the game allows me to play even I am offline – that would be really great! There should be a process like, once I came back online all my proceedings can be uploaded to the NEST and shared to my friends vice versa.

Rule the Sky is a bundle of real excitement. This app is free of cost, and I am sure a download won’t let you disappointed! If you love to play games a lot, Rule the Sky is a must add to your device.

Our Rating: [starreview tpl=16]

Rule the Sky is available on the App Store for free!

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